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The co-working industry has revolutionized the traditional workspace model, and WeWork has been at the forefront of this transformation. For years, WeWork provided flexible, amenity-rich office spaces that became the go-to choice for startups, entrepreneurs, and even large corporations. However, recent financial challenges have prompted many to ask: What will WeWork owners do when Chapter 11 approaches?
Chapter 11 Looms for WeWork Owners:
WeWork’s journey has been a rollercoaster ride, with unprecedented growth followed by staggering financial setbacks. This situation has left many landlords and property owners who partnered with WeWork in a precarious position. With potential Chapter 11 bankruptcy on the horizon, these owners are faced with a daunting challenge. The revenue stream from long-term leases with WeWork may be at risk, leaving many wondering about their future.
The TROT Solution: Direct Short-Term Rentals:
Amidst the uncertainty, TROT, the direct-to-owner marketplace for short-term office space, offers a compelling solution. TROT believes in empowering property owners to regain control over their properties and financial well-being. The TROT platform brings a unique proposition to owners affected by the WeWork turmoil:
  • Flexible, Short-Term Rentals: TROT allows owners to list their properties for short-term rentals, providing immediate revenue while retaining the option to lease long-term.

  • Streamlined Management: With TROT, owners have a centralized platform to manage their listings, ensuring maximum exposure to potential renters.

  • Cost-Effective: Owners can fill vacancies and start generating income without the long-term commitments or headaches of traditional leasing models.  Listing on TROT is FREE and fees are always performance based. 

  • Direct Connection: TROT establishes a direct relationship between owners and renters, bypassing third-party operators, offering more control to property owners on their short-term costumers AND ability to grow with them directly.

  • Owners’ Market: TROT gives property owners an opportunity to capitalize on the growing trend toward short-term leasing, helping them reach a broader audience of renters and positioning their assets for today’s market realities.


 A New Era of Workspace
The co-working industry is evolving, and TROT is at the forefront of this change. As WeWork owners face an uncertain future, TROT offers a lifeline—a chance for property owners to reposition and thrive in this shifting landscape. By listing spaces on TROT, owners can adapt to the emerging demand for flexible, short-term leases.
In a world where flexibility is paramount, TROT empowers property owners to redefine their revenue streams. By directly connecting owners with potential renters, TROT is setting the stage for a new era of workspace solutions. The co-working industry may be changing, but with TROT, owners can look forward to a brighter, more adaptable future.

Find the perfect office with Trot

Find the perfect office with Trot