We’re on a mission
to make flexible workspace
work better for everyone.

At TROT, we’ve seen the impact and the opportunity of flex space—but the way it works today isn’t ideal for businesses or building owners. We created TROT to give both sides more control and eliminate costly middlemen.

Whether you’re a business looking for your next space or a building owner looking to fill a vacancy quickly, TROT offers a simple solution.

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Our Services

We help make any space move-in ready.

Our network of partners helps businesses furnish spaces to fit their needs, and eliminates the need for building owners to invest in costly buildouts or furnishings that may not work for every business or occupant—or, as we call them, Trotter.

Once they book the space, Trotters can add furniture, technology, and insurance to their license agreements, renting items for only the time that they’re in the space. Our partners deliver it on day one of their license and pick it up when they move out.

TROT is proud to partner with UpFurnish to enable Trotters to easily and affordably furnish any space.

When you complete your booking process, you will receive an email that enables you to browse a curated selection of furniture packages. This rented furniture is delivered on your first day in the office and picked up when you leave.

Need insurance? Our partner will assist you through the process and provide an affordable policy to cover you in the space.